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Worthington Office Clinicians

Bridget Gray, LPCC-S

Lead Clinician

Bridget is the clinical lead at our Worthington office.  Bridget is an amazing person and an exceptional clinician.

Amanda Vanlaningham


Amanda specializes with children and families, but has extensive experience with adults as well.

David Root, LISW-S


David works with families and teens, including resistant teenagers.

Casey Best, LISW


Casey works with people of all ages, especially teens and families.

Jesse Thornton, Psy.D.

Clinician (Owner)

Jesse works with young adult males and provides couples counseling.

Dublin Office Clinicians

Jessica Cutshall, Ph.D., LPCC-S

Lead Clinician

Jessica is the clinical lead at our Dublin office.  Jessica is an important part of our culture.

Anna Collette, LPCC-S

Former Clinician

Sadly Anna is leaving our practice.  Details of her new location will be provided soon.

She is trained in EMDR.

Paige Stewart, Psy.D., LPC


Paige serves people of all ages but says working with children and parents is especially rewarding.

Sarah Mediatore, LPCC-S


Sarah is trained in EMDR therapy and is certified as a facilitator in trauma-informed yoga.  She loves to run groups.

Office Staff

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