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Mindfulness Meditation in America

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Mindfulness meditation has grown in awareness in America over the past decade.   Healthcare providers are increasingly conscientious of mindfulness.  Media has also begun to recognize the growing importance that mindfulness plays.  As we become more aware of this way of life, important questions emerge.  What is mindfulness, and why is it becoming so important in our country?  I would like to talk briefly about mindfulness and offer my opinion about what has caused this movement in our country:

What is mindfulness meditation to America:

Mindfulness is a separation from 20th century norms, which has placed high value on work, independence, and overcoming.  While these values are still considered to be positive, many Americans have begun to recognize that this is not enough.

Mindfulness encourages us to focus on being instead of doing.  It teaches us to be still and appreciate the experience of living.  In this way, mindfulness balances the strong work ethic of our nation and teaches us how to inhabit and experience our lives.  Mindfulness teaches us how to develop a relationship with ourselves that is meaningful not because of what it produces but because of what it is.

Mindfulness is a refreshing development after several generations of hard work that helped our nation become a world leader.  These values remain essential to our culture.  Further, mindfulness is teaching us that there is more to being American than just what we accomplish.  It is telling us that we can take time to enjoy this hard work.

Mindfulness is here to stay:

Many people ask if mindfulness is just a fad that will pass or if it is truly a movement that is developing in our culture.   I believe that mindfulness is showing us something about ourselves as Americans that we want to know or get to know.  Learning about this part of ourselves is becoming a special and important part of life for millions of Americans.

To learn more about mindfulness meditation click here: What is Mindfulness

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