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Couples Counseling

Successful relationships do not occur by chance.  They require skill, awareness, and understanding of how relationships work.  Couples counseling is an excellent source to learn these skills.  A marriage counselor has a great depth of understanding of what makes relationships work and experience helping partners develop these skills.  Each marriage counselor at Foundations has great skill repairing damaged relationships, rebuilding broken trust, and rekindling distant relationships.

Foundations views couples therapy as collaborative.  We use a team approach to get enduring results. We are very involved in the session and will honestly communicate to you what we see, feel and think. We begin couples therapy by establishing a vision for the relationship.  Here the marriage counselor helps the couple incorporate the ideals of both members. Our marriage counseling offices are viewed as a sanctuary, where problems can be discussed without fear of blame, judgment or retribution. Our couples therapy time is used as a living laboratory, a place where we can explore different styles, interventions and techniques. These can be used to change hurtful and destructive patterns in the relationship and create a stronger connection.

As a client in marriage counseling, we expect a serious commitment, an ability to be open about contributions to the relationship (both positive and negative), to let down your defenses and commit to change. When these conditions are met in couples therapy there is an excellent chance that we can not only help you get back on track but help you build a strong and lasting relationship. We aim to help you build the relationship you may never have imagined was possible, but was achievable through our couples therapy.

Please Note: We recognize that couples therapy is a major decision to enter into. We encourage clients to take time and choose their marriage counselor carefully. The best way to enter into couples therapy is to budget two or three sessions with more than one marriage counselor. I recognize this is a major commitment, but I have often seen couples enter into marriage counseling and report only marginal gains after having committed many months to a marriage counselor. This often has to do with the “fit” of the marriage counselor, but more often it is a result of a lack of structure to the marriage counseling sessions or a clear theoretical orientation to the couples therapy. Marriage counseling is considered by many therapists one of the most difficult treatment skills to develop. Marriage counseling techniques developed by the Gottman Institute and Emotionally-Focused Therapy are regarded as the most effective forms of marriage counseling. At Foundations, each marriage counselor has many years of training in these forms of couples therapy. We have attended classes and workshops as well as spent many hours learning from the foremost marriage counseling experts in couples therapy.


“Trust is built in very small moments. In any interaction, there is a possibility of connecting with your partner or turning away from your partner.”

John Gottman

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