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Individual Counseling

There are many challenges as we master different stages of development and find a greater sense of who we are.

Counseling for Adults

As an adult we wear many hats in life, and we face many transitions along the way. With all there is to juggle and all the pitfalls and snags, life can become overwhelming and sometimes leave one feeling lonely and abandoned. Many adults work hard in life only to find that more relationships and money creates greater complications to manage. Counseling for adults at Foundations is geared towards helping adults make difficult transitions whether it be learning new skills, resolving unforeseen obstacles or losses, or facing emerging emotional needs as we grow and mature. As adults there are many challenges to face as we master different stages of development and find a greater sense of who we are in our many roles. As counselors, we can guide you through transitions to take meaningful and healthy steps and emerge on solid footing with your relationships, yourself, and in your life.

Teen Counseling

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a critical time in life. This is when young adults begin to form their own unique identity that defines who they are. This stage is not only troublesome for teenagers but parents as well. Teens may begin to challenge parents and other adult authorities in order to test boundaries and individuate. Although it can be a trying time, it can also be amazing to watch your adolescent transition into a young adult.There are numerous emotional strains affecting your teen that sometimes results in the need for psychotherapy. Teens today face more pressure during this developmental stage than ever before. Issues like low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders and substance abuse need to be addressed, not ignored! Avoiding real problems can have an unhealthy impact on your teen’s ability to cope with daily life. Foundations Family Counseling offers the appropriate counseling your teen needs to work through the issues inhibiting them from living their lives to the fullest.

Child Counseling

Foundations Family Counseling is comprised of child counseling specialists committed to serving children and their families in the Central Ohio area. Our counselors are equipped to help children deal or cope with a vast array of problematic issues they may be facing.We will work with each child to provide them with the ability to reach their fullest potential. Foundations counselors aim to provide comprehensive therapy that improves your child’s development. Using the highest professional standards, our counselors devise the most appropriate and beneficial program to meet each individual child’s needs.

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