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Family Through the Week

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

This idea is a bit daunting for many folks.  Most of us feel like we are working through the week and that weekends are when we get to share personal time with family members.  Even if you only have a few hours each night when you get home, if you can create a culture that gives just half an hour to an hour of investment, you will enjoy your weekdays much more.

It is Work:

First thing is first; I am suggesting extra work for your evening.  Investing in family and marriage pays emotional dividends.  We spend much of life working to pay bills and for a few luxuries, but working on relationships makes this all worthwhile.

Adult Conversation Time:

Set aside a half-hour to talk with your partner about your day.  Make sure it is clear to your children that they may not participate in this time, but let them listen if they choose.  Call a friend if a partner is not available.  It’s good for children to listen to healthy adult conversation.  It feels good too!

Family Meals:

Just one weekday supper each week can make a big difference.  Guard that day throughout childhood and teenage years.    If you get two or more, consider it a temporary win, but don’t let that last one slip away!

Move the Television:

This has always been my most unpopular suggestion.  We find that the more conveniently a TV is located the more we watch it.  I know this makes people nervous, but if you can set up your TV in the basement or a small room away from your living area, you will find more interesting and social activities to do.

Screen Time-Outs:

This is the same as moving the TV.  Create a box to place all phones and e-devices for one or two hours in the evening.  This will force you to be more social.

These are a few ways to create a more positive family culture through the week.  With all the demands, we can’t make every evening a blockbuster, but with a little effort, we can enjoy a richer culture that will carry itself to the weekend.

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